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Career and College Day: Supporting AHS and the Future Workforce

September 18th, 2014  •   0 Comments

It’s always an exciting time for our local High School’s Junior and Senior classes and Avcomm Solutions, Inc. had the privilege this week of showcasing our business at Career and College Day and providing an example of just one of the many professions available for these youngsters as they begin to explore life after high school.

More than 100 professionals from our local community set up information tables and were given the chance to share details about the education and skills needed to find success in their career. Avcomm Solutions, Inc., highlighted the fact that we staff a full time Social Media Specialist; a newly created position to support the ever-changing ways customers do business and bring added value to our customers at the same time.

Not only does this daylong event highlight the various careers available, over 35 colleges and universities are represented as well. This allows the students to begin the process of planning for college and/or their career of choice.

Famous Nebraskan William Jennings Bryan once said: “Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. It is not a thing to be waited for; it is a thing to be achieved.” Our local high school students are well on their way to accomplishing greatness in their futures.


Building Your Team

July 8th, 2014  •   0 Comments


World Cup Soccer action is now a daily discussion here at Avcomm Solutions. While the majority of our employees are not rabid soccer fans, we thought it would be a fun team building activity. Each employee drew team names out of a hat and prizes will be awarded to those holding the final four teams. During this month of soccer action, it has been quite a learning experience for everyone and has been fun to watch employees' excitement as their teams win.

Whether it's a major sporting event, season or holiday that brings the team together, employees appreciate when companies take the time to throw a little fun into their daily grind. Studies confirm that employees who are engaged in their work and loyal to their workplace, are less likely to leave employment. With the costs of hiring and training new employees, the benefits to retaining the employees you already have are sure to impact the bottom line.

Another activity that we've recently done is allowing employees the opportunity to give to a local charity as a corporate body. Here in Nebraska we have an annual event called the Can Care-a-Van where a TV station goes across the state to organize collections for local food pantries. Over the course of a week's time in May, we asked that employees bring in their pantry donations and donated more than 80 pounds of food to the cause.

We hosted a Cinco de Mayo party in May, and each employee brought in a Mexican-themed dish for lunch so the team ate lunch together. The opportunity to eat together, and sample new recipes, was a great change of pace and a lot of fun. At Christmas, a cookie exchange brought the team together to trade delicious cookies, and a recent bridal shower for an employee was another great reason to party! At Avcomm this past Christmas, we had the office Elf on a Shelf named Sheldon. You never knew where Sheldon was going to turn up! One employee found Sheldon hiding in their pencil cup one morning, behind the pom pom!

Other workplace fun ideas have included volunteering for a community event together; Office Olympics; Christmas Cubicle Decorating Contest, Christmas party, summer picnic, and more. Working hard, and having some fun, too, keeps the Avcomm staff ready to best assist our customers!

Leave us a comment and let us know what you do at your workplace for fun and team building.


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