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Social Media for Your Small Business: Begin Today for Success

October 31st, 2019  •   0 Comments

Six years ago, our woman-owned small business invested in a new form of marketing: a Social Media Specialist was hired to the Avcomm team. Carey McCoy was brought onboard and tasked with these missions:

1. Introduce Avcomm Solutions to key social media platforms by creating a presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

2. Create a blog full of updated, original, and user-friendly content that will provide value.

3. Increase the number of visitors to the Avcomm Solutions web site and boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

4. Be seen as a leading reseller in the headset market.

Ultimately, these tasks together have built the Avcomm Solutions brand, increased customer base, and provided valuable knowledge of our products, solutions to common workplace issues, and more. For these reasons, we recommend that all small businesses dive into social media immediately!

If you don't know where to start (or, are afraid to begin), keep reading! The worst thing you can do is wait. Social media is here to stay, and most people today have social media accounts. Research confirms that Google is the #1 way consumers resolve issues, answer questions, and research products before purchase. This has been true for Avcomm Solutions, as visitors to our web site are searching for answers to questions that only we (as experts in our devices) can answer.

Some Advice as You Build Out Your Company's Social Media Presence:

1. Don't expect immediate results. Building a brand and gaining followers takes time. Give yourself permission to build a solid foundation of content and relationships.

2. Try new things. Maybe the social media sites that we've listed above aren't quite right for your business. Try Instagram; TikTok; Pinterest; or other platforms that will reach your specific customer set. Think about where and who you turn to, when you have questions about your products and services. Do your research, and also check out your competitors: what makes their accounts interesting? appealing? successful? Then get your accounts set up.

3. Keep the content coming. The very worst thing you can do is to start social media accounts (or a blog), post a couple of times, and then either sporadically post content, or abandon the accounts altogether. Think of social media as building a relationship; it's hard to count on someone when they are not frequent contributors to the conversation. We’d recommend using a social media management platform that allows you to manage content and schedule posts ahead of time and gives you one dashboard view into all of your company’s social media activities. Even if we're out of the office for a day (or a week!), scheduling posts ahead of time is a snap, and keeps the conversation going with our followers.

4. Hire experts. Take a look at our YouTube channel, and you will see the evolution of our videos. The first videos were self-filmed; most recent videos have been filmed by professional videographers. When we made the decision this year to focus on creating more content for our YouTube channel, we really wanted to find a company within close proximity to our office, who would also provide value beyond just the video quality. After exploring options, we decided to go with a local, up-and-coming small business who could bring our vision, words and products to life, in a professional way. We encourage you to seek out local companies in your area for the filming and editing of your videos. By letting the professionals handle the videography, it allows our staff to focus on content creation and messaging.

While this is most definitely not a comprehensive list, it does provide a quick overview of what we believe are the most important takeaways in six years of social media marketing at a small business. Our advice: Start now. Don't wait. Everyone else is doing it and reaping the rewards.


Plantronics Blackwire Headsets Offer Comfort and Portability

August 7th, 2019  •   0 Comments

Compatibility and comfort rule in the Plantronics Blackwire headsets by Poly. The series is durable, stylish, and lightweight (and the Blackwire 7225 even offers Active Noise Canceling). Plug-and-play with PCs and mobile phones, and you can work anywhere! Learn more about Blackwire, and Subscribe to our YouTube channel today.


Jabra ANC (Active Noise Canceling) Headsets

April 29th, 2019  •   0 Comments

The introduction of Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology into business professional headsets has been a successful pairing. With noisy open office environments and working on the go, active noise canceling technology is important for success (and a sure way to find focus in the midst of chaos).

We are fortunate to test the headsets that we sell, which makes it easy for us to recommend targeted solutions for each customer's unique work style and environment. In this video, Carey McCoy provides an overview of the three Active Noise-Canceling headsets that Jabra offers. From corded to wireless, large ear cushions to small ear buds, Jabra has a headset for you!

Take a few minutes to watch this informative and entertaining overview, and then be sure to "Subscribe" to our YouTube channel! Give our headset experts a call at 1-866-998-9991 for personalized headset recommendations.


Lights, Camera, Action! Avcomm Solutions Now Has a YouTube Channel

August 29th, 2017  •   0 Comments

We are excited to announce that we have our very own channel on YouTube: Avcomm Solutions YouTube Channel. We look forward to sharing our message with you on this platform, and will continue to keep our Avcomm Solutions blog updated, too.

The blog is a great way to share information about us, our products, and other notable topics of interest to business professionals. In that same vein, the YouTube channel is simply another avenue to share our content. Wouldn't you rather watch a video about a product, than read about it? In fact, research supports that four times as many customers prefer to watch a video! (Animoto, 2015) And, since YouTube has more than 1 billion users worldwide, the time seemed right for us to jump in.

So, what can you expect to see on our channel? First of all, you're going to get product reviews. Honest reviews of products and how they work is one of the main types of videos you'll find on the Avcomm Solutions Channel. We are fortunate to offer high quality headsets, speakerphones, USB videocameras and Busylights. We work directly with our manufacturers to bring in product samples that let us test out products in an office environment - much like yours.

Next, you'll see demos. According to research, 4 out of 5 consumers believe that demo videos are helpful. The support questions that we typically assist with involve the initial set-up of headsets, what cord is needed to connect a headset to a phone, and which headset is right for a work environment/connection type/wearing preference.

Everyone loves a good unboxing video, and you'll see some of those here too. We get our hands on the latest products, and it's always fun to be the first to open the box - almost like it's Christmas! We will share this excitement with you!

The ever popular How-To format will be featured as well. Here are some of our plans: how to change batteries in wireless headsets; how to connect a new headset to your phone; how to pair a Bluetooth headset to a smartphone or tablet; how to adjust the volume on a wireless headset; and much more.

Product comparisons give our viewers the tools they need to help choose the best products. When faced with two similar headsets, which features make the most sense for you and your work environment? What differentiates the products?

Q & A's will enable us to answer some of the most-asked questions that we receive. Many of our questions are repeated by a variety of customers ... leading us to believe this will be a great format for YouTube videos.

What would you like to see on our new YouTube channel? Please leave a Comment by clicking on the "Comments" tab, above. Head over to our YouTube channel before you leave, and be sure to "Subscribe" to the channel by clicking on the red Subscribe button. Thank you!

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