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Leave It to the Headset Experts

July 14th, 2016  •   0 Comments

Research supports the finding that today’s consumers conduct their own research before making a purchase. A survey found that 60% of a buyer’s journey has been completed before they reach out to a company sales rep. With the Internet open 24/7 as the encyclopedia of everything, information is accessible to all – at all times. Resources such as customer reviews, blogs, and web sites can provide a wonderful look into the pros and cons of any product or service.

But, when we talk about headsets for business communications, many times the more you try to research on your own the more cumbersome and confusing it becomes. That’s why we say “Leave it to the Experts,” the Headset Experts here at Avcomm Solutions! Headsets are our specialty and with our high level of product knowledge and support, you are sure to receive what you need, when you need it.

At Avcomm Solutions, our staff availability can be considered as one of the best characteristics of our small, woman owned business. When you call, we answer. The time savings that a call can provide may actually surprise you! If our staff doesn’t know the answer immediately, we will find out – and get you the answer as quickly as possible. You can count on us to do what we say we’re going to do! Our staff and business has direct connections to our manufacturers. We are certified by our manufacturers in their respective training programs, and know the right people to call for answers. We stay up-to-date on all new issues, promotions, discounts, products, and more – anything that affects our customers, and potential customers. In short, we prefer to be our customers’ main point of contact, to simplify the headset process for them.

With our office and warehouse located in the middle of the United States, shipping to locations on either coast is typically 3 days. We offer many ways to place an order, including on our web site, via email, phone call, and in person. The relationships we have with our customers helps keep the order process simple, yet accurate.

Talking through a product question, or environment need, is typically best accomplished with a phone call – and we’re here to help. Any question – large or small – has value and we’re here to help! Contact us today: 1-866-998-9991. If you’d prefer email, reach us here: Avcomm Solutions.


Out of the Office, Not Out of Reach: NEW Plantronics Voyager 5200 UC

June 28th, 2016  •   0 Comments

Plantronics continues to innovate Bluetooth headsets with its newest offering, the Voyager 5200 UC. Building on the success and functionality of the Voyager Legend headsets, the Voyager 5200 UC has six layers of WindSmart technology (double that of the Legend) and four adaptive microphones (one more than the Legend’s three). Plantronics is not only focusing on mobile workers, but everyone who is on the go and faced with unpredictable background noise will find value in the Voyager 5200 UC. Clear conversations – despite background noise of the car, streets, or home and work environments – can be achieved with the right technology and device.

Ergonomic Comfort for all day wear

A nice design feature is the curved boom arm. The mic boom arm and earpiece can be rotated for either right or left wear. The advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology reads each environment, and microphone, to isolate the wearer’s voice. WindSmart technology reduces disruptive background noise, enabling seamless transitions between places.

Due to customer feedback, Plantronics has separated the placement of the Power button and Volume buttons: the volume buttons are now at the top of the headset. This prevents an accidental finger slip and a premature end to a call.

Download free Plantronics Hub software for Android or iOS to gain the full benefits of the 5200 UC. Intuitive voice commands, smart sensors that automatically route and answer calls, and hands-free functionality are what Plantronics is known for with its premium Bluetooth headsets.

The Voyager 5200 UC offers a standard 7 hours of talk time: an entire day’s worth of conversation.

This UC version includes a portable charging case with integrated docking stand and the BT600 dongle to connect the headset to a PC. A micro USB cable and eartips (Small, Medium and Large) are also included in the box. MSRP is $219.95.

The Voyager 5200 UC is now available! Contact us for more information, and to place your order.

One of our customers mentioned this video as the determining factor in his purchase of the Voyager 5200 UC. On a call with him, he wore the headset while at work on a construction site. He stood 25 feet away from an excavator demolishing a house and we could not hear the construction noise; his voice was as clear as if he was sitting inside a quiet office. The Voyager 5200 UC delivers!


Yealink IP Phones: Easy Collaboration

June 10th, 2016  •   0 Comments

Avcomm Solutions has recently added Yealink to its product lineup as another way to better serve our customers. Yealink is a leading provider of VoIP phones and IP communications solutions. Founded in 2001, customers from 140 countries rely on Yealink phones–IP video phones, IP phones and USB phones—to work within existing telecommunications networks.

Why Yealink?

Ease of use, competitive pricing, quality and functionality are priorities of the Yealink brand. To date, Yealink has passed more than 80 interoperability tests to meet certification requirements set by leading VoIP systems and platforms. With extensive compatibility and flexible interoperability, the products integrate seamlessly with leading server and UC platforms in various market segments worldwide, including 3CX, Asterisk, BroadSoft, Elastix, GENBAND, Genesys, Metaswitch, Microsoft and more.

Another reason why we chose Yealink is because the company has established a first-class service network. As a forward-thinking company, it provides new solutions for the future in this fast-evolving sector and works in close partnership with T-Mobile, Telefonica, Portugal Telecom and other leading telecommunication service providers.

Following is a brief overview of just some of the Yealink products that we offer. You can find the entire Yealink product line here: Yealink at Avcomm Solutions. These phones feature Power over Ethernet (PoE) (Class 1); however, optional AC power supply cables can be purchased.

The Yealink IP Phone T2 series represents the next generation of VoIP phones specifically designed for business users who need rich telephony features, a friendly user-interface and superb voice quality. T2 series offers high-definition voice quality through HD handset, HD speaker and HD codec (G.722). The large, high-resolution display, combined with up to 48 keys, guarantees an excellent user experience in terms of configuration options, making calls and access to the express XML browser. In addition, to ensure that your audio data remains confidential, it also supports security standards TLS, SRTP, HTTPS, 802.1X, Open VPN and AES encryption. These protect against electronic eavesdropping and data theft.

Expansion modules for receptionists, and others who need access to multiple line calling, are available.

The Yealink T4 series is intended for discerning users with high expectations of IP phones. Revolutionary in appearance and advanced technical design, the T4 series is not only easy to use, it also offers extra-large display screens. In fact, the T4 series represents the cutting-edge of contemporary VoIP technology in action. Advanced features include support for gigabit networks (GigE), plus USB Bluetooth support for easy Bluetooth headset use (an optional dongle is available for purchase here). Enhanced sound quality is delivered by the Optima HD Voice system which meets TIA 920 certification standards.

Expansion modules are also available for the T4 series.

Wireless IP DECT Phones

The Yealink W52P is a SIP Cordless Phone System designed for small businesses looking for immediate cost savings; yet it’s a scalable SIP-based mobile communications system. Combining the benefits of wireless communication with rich business features of Voice over IP telephony, users can benefit from freedom of movement, lifelike voice communications, multi-tasking convenience, and professional features like intercom, transfer, call forward, 3-way conferencing, PoE and more. This system supports quick and easy configuration.

Features include: exceptional HD sound with wideband technology; Up to 4 simultaneous external calls; Up to 5 DECT cordless handsets; Up to 5 VoIP accounts; 1.8" color display with intuitive user interface; 10 hours talk time, 100 hours standby time; Integrated PoE (Class 1). This is desktop or wall mountable. A DECT repeater is available for the W52P, to extend the wireless range of the handset.

For those who would like to use wireless headsets with their Yealink phones, a Yealink headset adapter, the EHS 36, is available for purchase. This headset adapter works with major manufacturers’ wireless headsets, including Jabra, Plantronics, and Sennheiser: Yealink IP Phone Headset Adapter

For more information about Yealink, give us a call at 1-866-998-9991 and our staff will work with you to determine the best Yealink for your VoIP needs.


Secure Your On-Screen Data with the NEW! Jabra Screen Lock App

May 25th, 2016  •   0 Comments

We are so excited to share the news about Jabra’s recently announced Screen Lock App. This is incredibly easy to use and for companies with security compliance concerns, the FREE app allows you to discreetly lock your PC screen by simply unplugging the Jabra headset from the inline controller.

We have tested this with the Evolve 40; as well as the Link 230 with a BIZ 2300 duo headset and it’s as simple as it sounds: unplug the headset, your screen is locked instantly, and you can walk away knowing you are leaving your computer secure. Please note: the Jabra Direct firmware must be updated for each device, in order for the Screen Lock App to work properly!

Jabra Screen Lock is compatible with these Jabra headsets and USB cables:
-Evolve 40
-Evolve 80
-Link 230 & any Jabra QD headset
-Link 260 & any Jabra QD headset

Setting Choices:
Lock Delay – Choose between None or 15 Second delay
Lock Action – Choose between Screen lock; Screen saver; Hibernate; or Sleep

The app is works with PCs running Windows 7 or 8. It is available at the Jabra web site at no charge: Jabra Screen Lock App. Because the lock is all about discretion and security, it does not report any activity to a server anywhere and does not automatically update itself. It is completely standalone, and in the user’s control.

Jabra Intelligent Call Transfer

Another API from Jabra, Intelligent Call Transfer, supports call transfer from a Skype for Business desktop-based softphone call to a smartphone. With Jabra Intelligent Call Transfer, the conversation now follows the user when required to move a call from one environment to another – leaving their main work station.

How it works: Transfer a call using the Evolve 40 or Evolve 80 by unplugging the 3.5mm stereo jack stick from its control unit and the call will transfer to the user’s mobile phone. Users then insert the 3.5mm jack into the smartphone to continue the conversation or even continue the conversation using a Jabra Bluetooth™ headset.

This is available at no charge with Jabra Direct – just another reason to continue to update firmware when prompted by the Jabra Direct app. To download Jabra Direct (formerly PC Suite) go to the Jabra web site here: Jabra Direct Download.

Bravo Jabra!


BIZ 1500 Headsets High Quality, Low Cost for All-Day Wear

May 9th, 2016  •   0 Comments

The reality of contact center employees: they’re on the phone all day. When comfort is a priority, and cost is a concern, Jabra has addressed those 2 factors skillfully in its newest offering, the BIZ 1500 series. This new series replaces the BIZ 1900 headsets, a faithful standby in the contact center headset scene; with this new series, Jabra has updated the technology, comfort and durability. Jabra combines premium features at an astonishing low price. Businesses looking to outfit an entire contact center on a small budget should consider the BIZ 1500 series – both QD and USB options are available, in mono and duo variants.

The BIZ 1900 headsets will no longer be manufactured after June 30, 2016. If you’d like to stock up on the BIZ 1900 headsets before they are gone, we do have some limited stock available; you’ll find them in our Clearance section on the Avcomm web site: The BIZ 1900 headsets will no longer be manufactured after June 30, 2016.

If you’d like to stock up on the BIZ 1900 headsets before they are gone, we do have some limited stock available; you’ll find them in our Clearance section on the Avcomm web site: Clearance Products.

BIZ 1500 Features:

  • Both Quick Disconnect and USB variants are offered. QD headsets require an additional QD cord to connect the headset to desk phone. Contact us to determine compatibility.
  • USB headsets include an inline call controller for volume, answer/end and mute.
  • Comfortable headband
  • Lightweight
  • Noise-cancelling microphone
  • Flexible (bendable) microphone boom that rotates 270 degrees
  • Download the free Jabra Direct software to enable features specific to supported softphones. (USB headsets only)
  • 2 year Warranty
This short video on YouTube provides a great overview of the features offered by the BIZ 1500:

Of course, these headsets are useful in any office or work-at-home space, and are worth a second look. We can help you determine which BIZ 1500 variant would be best for you and your environment – give our headset experts a call today! 1-866-998-9991.


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